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by dissident playwright Vaclav Havel

Václav Havel (photo: ist)

WHAT an intellectual that - thanks to his efforts that stubborn in dive happenings, look for a causal relationship, aware of the existence of individuals as part of a larger entity, and then become aware of the world, was responsible for it - is tied to politics?

If so, I got the impression that every intellectual had a duty to intervene in politics. However, must it really does not make sense. Politics has a large number of requirements that should be charged only to himself. There are those who meet the requirements. Some are not. No matter apatah he was an intellectual.
I have confidence that the world is now more in need of wise and enlightened politicians have enough strong mind and insight to be able to weigh all things that are far ahead.
We need politicians who are willing to overcome all the interests of the power and the interests of the party or the country. We need them to take action in line with the interests of humanity today; namely how to behave properly even though many of them will fail.
Previously, there was never a situation when politics is so dependent on the moment, on the mood of the public and the media are so easily changed. In the past, politicians are never so eager to pursue any short-term nature and blurred.
For me, the lives of many politicians currently only move from television news when they watch the evening to a public opinion survey, which was held the next day. I'm not entirely sure this era, which is crowded with the media, encourage politicians to rise up and grow into a classmate Winston Churchill. I actually doubt it. Of course there are always exceptions.
In short: we are increasingly minimal time to choose politicians who want to take the time to think, the higher we will need that kind of politician. In the end, it will be increasingly many intellectuals - at least that meets the requirements that I propose - that should be welcomed to join in the political sphere. Support can come from people or groups who never get involved in politics but agreed to have the politician. At least, they were able to share the same ethos.
Objection course there. Politicians must be selected. Public vote for a candidate who they think have the mind line. If someone wants to have a smooth political career, he must understand the state of the human mind in general. He must respect the views of ordinary voters. A politician, like it or not like it, should be a mirror.
He would not be the bearer of truth that is not popular: an honor that, from the standpoint of humanity, considered not so urgent for most voters.
I believe that the political aims to meet the expectations of the long-term. A politician should be able to captivate the public through his ideas, even unpopular though. Politics requires voters who believe that the politicians knew more of a problem than the voters. For that reason, voters should vote for him. Public can thus delegate certain issues which they do not understand or be a burden to the mind of a politician. But he, the politicians, have to work around this on their behalf.
Obviously, the mass persuaders, candidate tyrant, or fanatical groups, have used this argument to sue: the communists never changed when they declare themselves as enlightened group. From that statement, they seemed to have the right to govern arbitrarily.
The real art of politics is the way to win the hearts of the public to support the noble goals despite the way it collides with the public interest. The political art are possible without sacrificing way of achieving this noble goal. Thus, citizens not led to a culture of lies.
Intellectual foul was really there. They exaggerate their intellect more than anyone. They boast that if the public does not understand brightness intellectual project offered, it is because the public mind barren. This century, recognizing the intellectual rot - or rather pretend intellectual - is not too difficult. Let us remember how many intellectuals are credited with creating the various modern dictatorships!
A good politician must be able to describe the information without having to throw persuasion-persuasion. He must have the humility to seek the truth without having to claim it as his own truth. He also had to remind the public of the quality of their self. He should not be subject to mass media and the public that giddy.
In the political sphere as such, intellectuals should be able to make the public feel their presence in two ways. They may have positions and uses his position to do things that are considered true by the public. They were not there to defend his power alone. Secondly, they become a mirror for officials and ensure that they are doing something noble. They do not give promises as sweet as a cover crimes that have been carried out by many intellectuals in politics in the past. []
*) Václav Havel once served as the President of the Czech Republic (1993-2003), the last President of Czechoslovakia (1989-1993), and author of 21 plays. He died on December 18, 2011.
*) Translated from the page
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