Wednesday 26th November 2014

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Poetry Amien Kamil

METAMORPHOSIS vain, sovereign, when you look for me in the past inscription flakes and crushed dusty There is also the time you find it in the anthology poet fool the dictates obsolete or thick books are crammed in a glass display case library ...

Poems Ags. Arya Dipayana

NIGHT TRAIN Entering the gates of the city train that night felt so old and tired: This is not the final station. He still had to re-crawl along the distance, repeat step itself along the steel plates were cold and frozen, the more silent ...

Ketut rhyme Syahruwardi Abbas

LEBARAN Yes, yes. We buy new clothes bermerah roses. Let's insistence on his own chest measure lonely silent. Let me know not only had a boisterous voice. We return to the language of heaven: it still blue. Occasionally see strange faces black line jumps lompatkan ...
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