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[JOURNALBALI.COM kuta] "Many roads lead to Rome" quote this proverb must be held firmly by everyone if you want to succeed. Because success can not only be reached by a way. This is done by Nurohmat, a pulse traveling salesman.

For some people may still feel confused with the pulse around since the majority of sellers of pulses only in kiosks or pulse counter roadside. Even then, the buyer must come even look for the toll booths.

But not in coastal areas of Kuta and Legian beaches. There are toll-roving always say hello and walked buyer. Various pulses from around the complete operator is available, the price is the same as that sold in counter.

From nine in the morning until eleven at night this man offering credit sales services all of the beach visitors. Even then, not all people who want to buy ditawarin. With staggered Nurohmat walk down the beach along the 2 kilometer. With income indeterminate.

"At least I got a lot of profit fifty thousand a day," explained Nurohmat while serving its customers (29/9).

Small board size of a shoulder hanging on his chest and back reads "Pulse Mobile. Around Cell ". For people who understand English will smile laugh when reading the text. "Around Cell" itself actually can not be interpreted, but for Nurohmat this word is correct. Toll around, that's what he meant.

According to Putu Erna, pulse-style roving Nurohmat greatly facilitate and help people who are visiting the beach Kutatanpa need to bother to find out the beach. "Stay shouted his call just came right trade. Kan easy, "I'm a girl's origin tabanan laughing. (ast)

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