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27 April – 16 Maret 2012
Chairs ‘n Bones II
Tony Raka Gallery, Ubud, Bali

Tonyraka Art Gallery will held an exhibition titled CHAIRS ‘N BONES II is a continuation of the art exhibition of the same conceptual theme held in Jakarta in 2010. The current exhibition features paintings, sculptures, and installations by five artists: Samy R.R. Vermeulen, Ipong Purnama Sidhi, Nasirun, Ugo Untoro, and Komroden Haro. Initiated by Vermeulen, the exhibition thematically focuses on a critical question about the future of humanity following destructive human misconduct to nature. “Chairs” signify human egotistic desire to pursue power and material wealth at the expense of nature. “Bones” refer to fatal consequences of nature’s wrath on man: global warming, climate change, massive ecological disaster. Man is under sentence of death for his crime against nature. “How much time is left for us?” Vermeulen asks in his Preface to the exhibition. His depressing question informs the works featured in this exhibition.

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